Bel's Biotin Hair Growth Cream

The pads of your fingertips gently massage your smooth & supple scalp. No bumps, scabs or sores. Bel's Biotin Cream has worked.
Your fingers ease through your thick mane and wrap around soft voluminous strands. You open up your tub of Bel's Biotin Cream and take a small amount.
The scent of the oils is discreet. You rake the cream through your hair's length, preparing it all for a loose high bun.
Your smile is calm and reassured. Why? Because your sink is free of broken pieces of hair; that's a thing of the past now.
You hang your robe and feel reassured. Reassured? Of Course. The mounds of dead skin flakes that used to shed from your scalp are no longer there. 

Bel's Biotin Cream:

 What's better than a vitamin-packed Bel's Biotin Cream is a vitamin-packed, oil-based hair cream. This cream promotes a healthy scalp & natural hair growth. The replenishing Shea butter, avocado, and olive oil seal the damaged strands. the key ingredient in the mix is the B vitamin Biotin - a complex vitamin that prevents hair loss and shedding.
Afro/Caribbean hair textures are all different. But we all have one problem in common. We hide our hair under wigs weaves and braids. We use too much heat in our hair & over the years we damage it. Sometimes caring more for the style rather than the health of our natural hair: 
#1 The cream is comprised of natural oils and is packed with vitamins. The oils are lighter than a cream and seal damaged strands, while also nourishing the scalp.
#2 The cream is suitable for all hair textures.
Length Retention and regular progressive hair growth are a black woman's dream. Bel's Biotin Cream is the answer to this dream!
Here's what our clients have to say:
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