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Micro ring hair extensions (can also be known as pre bonded hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions or stick-tip) are the quickest, most natural looking, pain-free and least damaging hair extensions available on the market today.

All micro rings used are coloured to match your hair colour closely so again blending with your hair is seamless.

This extension technique of applying lots of micro-fine individual strands creates a free-flowing hairstyle that looks, falls and behaves like real hair, giving it a natural look. It also allows the scalp to be able to breathe, as not obstructed by thick weaves or other bulky types of hair extensions.

Due to the superior quality of our micro ring hair extensions, when the small aluminium micro ring has been tightened and retightened they require replacing. However; the hair extension is reusable for us to 12 months, four re-applications with the correct aftercare and maintenance regime.


We use micro ring hair extensions with an innovative polymer-based bond, which encapsulates each micro ring strand so that they are ready for application. No glue, no chemicals and no mess, just a tiny aluminium micro ring.

The pre-bonded hair extensions also ensure that unnecessary hair shedding from the extensions don’t add to the natural hair shedding cycle of your hair, allowing your extensions to last longer and have less matting between maintenance appointments.

Each micro ring hair extension is secured to your hair around 1cm from the base of the root and your scalp, this allows the extension to fall flat, just as your hair does. It also means it’s virtually undetectable amongst your natural hair. This gap also allows you own hair to grow uninterrupted and allows your scalp to breath.



Micro ring hair extensions are positioned carefully and strategically around your head, ensuring they remain completely undetectable and blend with the natural hair. At least an inch gap is left around the hairline and the "no go" areas are also avoided, so that you can wear your hair up and the extension links will not be visible.

Due to the extensions being so small and versatile we can fit them to short and fine styles a lot easier, with less damage and without a trace. Try doing that with messy glued-in extensions or bulky clip in, weft or weave extensions. Whatever your hair type, our hair extensions will always look completely natural, just as though it was your very own hair.BOOK HERE TODAY 

We invite you to come to our salons here in West London UK. All Caucasian Hair types. We  love natural hair and encourage natural hair care and maintenance through the use of our hair products and protective styling such as LA Weaves and Weft extensions to provide a new style without being to harsh on the natural hair.

To see the styles we have available and to book an appointment please click here where you will be redirected to our booking and styles system. 

Getting to the salon: 

Northolt Salon:
We are able to provide appointments from as early as 6am to after 7pm upon request. We also offer free Parking on site. 
Buses to location:
140, 90, E9 (Stop at Gurney Road and walk through Rayners Crescent or call us on 07956 293 093 for further assistance)
Sign posts: Rayners Crescent
(Near to St. Raphael Primary School & Down Manor Primary School)


33 Down Way,

Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday 
9am - 6pm
10am - 6pm (Bookings Only)